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India Cialis – How is it Effective on ED Relief?

The Indian Cialis is a drug that will be prescribed to a man struggling with erectile dysfunction. Like the Brand Cialis, the India Cialis contains tadalafil as the main ingredient and will relieve erectile dysfunction by enlarging the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. This will result in the enlargement of the penis…

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Green Tea Erectile Dysfunction – How Effective is it for ED Relief?

Erectile dysfunction which is the inability to get the penis to erect to allow sexual intercourse to take place has affected a lot of men due to a number of reasons. To some, the reason for this is medical where a pre-existing health condition affects the way their body responds to sexual stimulation. To others,…

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Copy of 31 Does Rogaine Work for Black Males

Does Rogaine Work for Black Males – How Effective is Rogaine on Black Men?

Rogaine is a medication that aids in the regrowth of hair that has fallen off from the scalp. The medication can be used by both male and female where men should use the Rogaine that is specifically made for them and women should use the one meant for them. Rogaine should not be used in…

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Heartburn after Sex – Does Sexual Intimacy Cause Heartburn?

Heartburn is a burning feeling in the chest or the throat that usually occurs when stomach acid comes up into the esophagus. A person who has a heartburn may experience a sore throat, difficulty when swallowing, sour taste in the mouth, hoarseness, or a dry cough. There are also instances where one may vomit or…

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Copy of 29 Generic Viagra from India Review

Generic Viagra from India Review – An Effective Low-Priced Viagra

After Pfizer, which is the manufacturer of the brand Viagra lost its patent rights to be the sole producer of erectile dysfunction medication; a lot of generic drug manufacturers some of which are located in India came up with a generic form of Viagra. The generic form contained the same active ingredient as the brand…

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Copy of 27 Buy Cialis Online cheap 1

Buy Cialis Online Cheap

Cialis is a men-only medication that will be prescribed due to the inability to get an erection that will be strong enough to allow sexual intercourse to take place. Erectile dysfunction has affected more men in the resent fast as a result of various factors which include certain illnesses, the use of certain medications, lifestyle…

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Copy of 28 E 20 Pill

E 20 Pill – Relief from Erectile Dysfunction for 36 Hours

E20 Pill, commonly referred to as Cialis is administered to men suffering from impotence to provide a temporary relief. The pill is classified under the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor drug group which acts against erectile dysfunction by enabling a more intense supply of blood to the penis. The high level of blood will make the…

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Minoxidil Acne – Is Acne Breakout a Minoxidil Side Effect

Minoxidil is a solution prescribed to treat male and female pattern baldness that has been approved by the FDA. The drug, which should only be used on prescription by a physician will help in counteracting hereditary hair loss and allow a re-growth of thicker and fuller hair.

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Copy of 25 Viagra Covered by Medicaid

Viagra Covered by Medicaid: Does Medicaid Pay for Viagra Pills?

Viagra is the most famous erectile dysfunction medication that is manufactured by Pfizer. This brand drug is quite expensive making it impossible for most people to afford it as a pill could be sold for $10 or higher depending on where it will be purchased.

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Copy of 24 Teenage Hair Thinning

Teenage Hair Thinning – Causes and Solutions to the Problem

When a child is growing up, a lot of changes happen in his body some which are a proof that he is normal such as enlargement of the breasts for the girls or breaking of voice for boys. However, there are changes that could happen to a teenage that are an indication that everything is…

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My Secure Tabs – Famous Drugstore New Site

Secure Tabs offers you 10% off on every order less than $200.00. Make an order and save money! Secure Tabs from India belongs to the list of famous online pharmacies with a large following due to its mix of excellent products and on point consumer support. and its partner site offered a wide range of drug products for online clients from all over the world and also gave low prices for all the medicines it had in stock.

Compared to brick and mortar drugstores, the shop had at least 50% lower prices for its products—this already meant huge savings for consumers, not to mention the store also presented enticing and budget-saving deals for massive scale orders.

Products offered on included ones for erectile dysfunction, bacterial and viral infections, depression, weight loss, and several others. Buyers were able to purchase these products at low prices considering they are mostly generic counterparts for brand-name treatments. Apart from the low-cost medicines available on this store, these medicines were also bought without the need for prescriptions as Secure Tabs is somewhat lenient when it comes to Rx purchases.

In spite of the good service and the useful products offered on Secure Tabs, the store was unfortunately shut down. We could not pinpoint a specific reason for this store’s disappearance—what we know is that the shop left its consumers in want of a trustworthy website to shop from. Clearly, the buyers loved this shop, but turns out, Secure Tabs could not maintain its service long enough and eventually went out of business without warning.

If the store were still around, the shop would have been recommendable to purchase medicines from. Its products were directly sourced from manufacturers so their integrity was assured, as well as their competitive pricing. Unlike other stores, Secure Tabs offered a live chat support option that enabled consumers to communicate directly with the support team, thus enabling buyers to get answers for their immediate concerns. Most stores neglect to have a live chat option and their responses took days and this long response time hampered consumers from getting swift and efficient service.

My Secure Tabs Offers

Besides the good prices available in the former store,, the store also offered cost-mitigating deals for its patrons. Here are some of the discount deals made available by Secure Tabs:

According to the website’s former records, second and further-timer consumers are given a supplementary discount (15%) on their reorders. This deal possibly kept buyers coming back for more orders at Secure Tabs.

Apart from the 15% discount, the drugstore also offered bulk order discounts. The exact scheme for large-scale orders was not presented, though, but it seems that Secure Tabs gave the buyers an offer they could not refuse.

My Secure Tabs Reviews

Due to the excellent service offered by Secure Tabs, its consumers learned to air their accolades for the store via web review platforms. Some of the many reviews for Secure Tabs included the following customer comments:

“Vij” posted his 5/5 star review for Secure Tabs on TrustPilot; according to his comment dated October 6, 2010, the rating was due to the store’s fast and secure service. He even mentioned receiving “free pills”, just as promised. Regarding the product quality, Vij also described that the meds he ordered worked great.

More reviews for Secure Tabs were available at other review domains including Pharmacies Review. The user “ED GUY” who wrote his review in November 2011 gave 4/5 stars for Secure Tabs for its “inexpensive” medicines and its good service. According to him, he was well-pleased with Secure Tabs’ service and preferred the store over local US pharmacies due to its reasonable prices.

Another consumer, “Viju”, also gave a great score for Secure Tabs (5/5 stars). This client mentioned having a “great experience” with the store Secure Tabs—specifically with its Tadacip product (generic Cialis from the renowned company CIPLA in India). Viju related how his order arrived in 9 days and that the pills he ordered “worked great”. Due to his great experience with the website, he highly recommends the store.

My Secure Tabs Scam Sites

Secure Tabs is closed and consumers are looking for viable online drugstore replacements for this web pharmacy. Since the shop faded into oblivion without warning, consumers found it hard to cope with the loss of the online pharmacy, seeking readily available and similarly named online shops whenever available.

In spite of the mushrooming of “Secure Tabs” websites, the actual is actually far from operational—this means that all the domains with the “Secure Tabs” tag in them are bogus, including this website below:

One website posing as Secure Tabs

My Secure Tabs ( is one of the many online pharmacies claiming to be the old Secure Tabs store. This shop looks nothing like the previous website although it has similar products and similar offers available for its consumers. One can easily be fooled by this store’s cut-rate prices and excellent service claims, so buyers should be wary of this store. Aside from this shop, there are other scam sites pretending to be Secure Tabs like the following:


Secure Tabs, one of the pioneer online pharmacies that dealt with generic treatments, is now closed. Contrary to public knowledge, this store remains closed until this day, which means that the online stores with the “Secure Tabs” names are nothing but scam stores lying in wait for unsuspecting consumers to use their service. I am rating official closed site of My Secure Tabs 4 out of 5 although I advise you to look for other online pharmacies to use for your generic drug needs.

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